Established in 1998, what started as a family business with a modest beginning, „BOSWOOD“ ,with its new owner General Trading Concept LLC – Part of  Al Mawarid Group  as a leading international multi-investments  group based  in UAE ,is evolved into one of the leading suppliers of Bosnian wood worldwide.​

Boswood facilities are ideally placed in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take maximum advantage of proximity to some of the best forests in the world.​

We are specialized in processing of hardwoods , besides our production facilities, main offices are located in Sarajevo (B&H) and marketing & sales department in UAE.

60% of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2.7 million hectares is covered by forests that have the finest quality of wood in Europe. It is famous worldwide for it´s timbers such as Beech, Ash, Oak, Pine and White wood.

In our sawmills,we cut overall 35.000 cbm of hardwood logs annually. Since year 1998, the perfect union between specialization and quality control management has made our factories one of the most respected timber manufacturers in our area.

Our products are exported across the globe, with main markets being Europe, Middle East, and Far East. Our production is based according to European standards.

​We are fully committed to environmental protection and all our systems are geared towards this with 100% FSC certified material. ​”BOSWOOD”  is the ideal for anyone looking for an efficient organization with high quality products, stable and long-term reliable business partner.


Our Products

  • Beech Timber
  • White Oak
  • White Wood
  • Squares & Strips